Why I Love Borders

Borders offers everyone who has shopped at their store a free Borders Rewards card in exchange for their email address. I’ve had the card for over a year and have not yet received anything that may be classified as spam. I receive coupons that can be printed out and redeemed quite often, ranging from 20 to 40% off any book in the store—other types of merchandise usually have restrictions that I don’t wish to list.

I received a 33% off coupon not too long ago and decided to visit Borders and see if I could snatch an inexpensive book. I noticed a fairly large book for only $4.99 and decided to check it out. That book turned out to be The Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court of the United States, 2nd edition. The book currently selling for $43.87 on Amazon. With my 33% off coupon, the total came out to be $3.65 for a hardcover book that’s over 1200 pages. The pages themselves are not the usual ultra-cheap, about-to-fall-apart-in-your-hands type. The pages actually feel good in my hands, a quality which affects my reading a surprising amount.

Perhaps Borders forgot to add an extra “9” in the price tag, which would’ve made it $49.99, a figure that would make more sense in comparison to the Amazon price. Amazon may not have the absolute best pricing, but it certainly isn’t off by a factor of 10 or more.



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